Globe Telecom Case Study*

*This case study was fully executed by one of the team in a previous job.

Unifying customer journeys to deliver 2X more online conversions with a 30% lower cost per conversion


Globe needed to visualise the full digital customer journey for its postpaid customers. The goal? To increase conversions, reduce ad costs and propel its marketing ROI.

Until two years ago, Globe was relying on third-party platforms that used cookie-based data to help it understand its customer journey. However, this data was incomplete and siloed, meaning Globe couldn’t follow the customer’s journey across different devices, campaigns and channels or see exactly how they interact with the brand before converting.

To enhance customer experience and drive more e-commerce conversions with less marketing waste, Globe needed a deeper understanding of their customer journey across their website, mobile app and digital ads.

The vision was to offer Globe a strategic roadmap and customised solution thatempowered Globe with the means to easily visualise postpaid customer journeys including most common paths to purchase as well as dropoffs and ultimately get the insights they needed to make better ROI-driven decisions.


To drive more e-commerce conversions on its online shop, – Globe, a leading Telco in the Philippines, needed a more unified view of their customer digital journey to conversion across multiple digital platforms including its website, mobile app and digital advertising.


A data-driven audience solution was built to help Globe visualise their postpaid customer journey across various owned channels from the moment a visitor browsed a page on their website to the moment they converted. This included implementing tracking across platforms[CT1] , setting up audience lists and building automated performance dashboards.


Globe achieved 2X more conversions with a 30% lower cost per conversion in acquiring postpaid customers on its online shop by using the automated audience solution created. With easy access to customer journey insights, Globe can make smarter marketing decisions for sustainable ROI growth.

Business Goals

  • Propel more online shop conversions with less marketing waste

  • Get a more complete picture of customer journeys across campaigns, channels and devices

  • Unlock customer-level data to make more robust marketing decisions


The solution involved setting up a framework to track and bucket different journeys across digital channels and stitch them together to get a unified customer view. By implementing user ID tags on the website and app, for the first time Globe could see where customers and prospects were interacting with the brand across their owned channels.

At the same time, a backend solution was developed to stitch the customer journeys together from first activation to drop off. This revealed how people were interacting with the app and website, and how they move between them. Because we could see where people dropped out of the journey, we were able to identify opportunities to minimise churn, while also building audience lists for retargeting to maximise conversions. For example, when we saw visitors bouncing off because of how long it took for a page to load, recommendations were made to Globe to make simple adjustments to speed up the page load time and increase channel stickiness as a result.

Another key focus was using digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics 360 to reveal predicted behaviours, for example, whether visitors were likely to churn or convert by making a purchase in the next seven days. Using these insights, Globe could build audience lists and target them with the right ad messaging, offers and push notifications to either prevent prospects from churning or make it easier for them to convert.

The final element of the solution was building automated reporting dashboards. These are designed to help Globe quickly and easily visualise their digital performance and customer segment insights and identify conversion optimisation opportunities


Globe now has a much better understanding of their customer journey and can make more robust marketing decisions that drive more conversions, a more seamless customer experience and a higher ROI.

The solution helped Globe achieve a 2X higher conversion rate with a 30% lower cost per conversion. Further work was done on ways to use it to fine-tune the customer experience across digital channels and achieve even better business results for the future.

  • 2X higher conversion rate

  • 30% lower cost per conversion

  • Unified customer journey view across platforms

  • Sustainable solution to reduce churn and maximise conversions