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AI and Analytics Simplified

Your Rules, Your Insights.

At Analytico Asia, we live by the mantra - "Your Rules, Your Insights.". We empower you to customize and command your data, redefining analytics to unveil insights tailored uniquely to your vision.

AI Tailored, Analytics Redefined.

"AI Tailored, Analytics Redefined" encapsulates our commitment to personalized solutions and a transformative approach to data analysis. At our core, we strive to tailor Artificial Intelligence to your unique needs, reshaping the landscape of analytics to unlock new dimensions of understanding and value.

Unleash Possibilities, Uncover Value 

"Unleash Possibilities, Uncover Value" encapsulates our promise to unlock limitless potential in your data, revealing invaluable insights that drive transformative and impactful outcomes.

AI & Data services tailored for your context, Solutions delivered for your budget.

At Analytico Asia, customization meets affordability, and limitless innovation awaits you.

Artificial Intelligence

Build ML, DL and LLM Models that can predict outcomes of interest based on given data

Data Analytics

Create automated dashboards using e-commerce, app and/ or product analytics data

Data Visualisation

Generate automated online reports based on your preferred metrics, charts and layouts

Spreadsheet Automation

Build VBA macros, functions, and pivot tables to automate reporting on MS Excel and Google Sheets

Data Extraction

Extract data from CRM, Social Media, E-Commerce, News Websites and other data sources

Digital Storytelling

Create a persuasive data, brand and/or product story using data, AI and digital marketing

Turning Ideas into Impact

Our Track Record Spans Industries.

Our team has in-depth expertise in delivering services for various industries including the Government, Food & Beverage, Technology, and Hospitality sectors.

Data Analysis - Vietnamese F&B Outlet Menu Recommendations

Machine Learning - Singapore Unable to Board Bus Prediction

GenAI / LLM - Singapore's GeoSpatial Chatbot

Data Extraction - Metadata Extraction for SG Govt Library

Tableau Visualisation Dashboard: Singapore's Tertiary Education

Power BI Dashboard - BI Tool for SMEs in Singapore

Machine Learning - Recommender System Using Spotify Dataset

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At Analytico Asia, our commitment is to deliver adaptive services that meet your unique business needs. 

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