Why Analytico Asia?

Data, AI & Digital Automation Simplified

1. We offer highly customised services that meet your required scope.

2. We work on flat-fee pricing model which help you avoid being locked-in to rising annual subscription fees and help us deliver against any given budgets.

3. Our team is highly-skilled in meeting tight deadlines which enable us to deliver quality work against your given timelines.

How can we help you?

Automation Simplified - We can help you eliminate tedious and manual processes of creating recurring data analysis so that you can focus on actioning on data insights.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

Eliminate the need to be locked in by recurring fees through our flat fee model.

Ready-Made For You

Data Sources, Models and Dashboards are custom-built to fit your business needs.

Fast Turnover Times

Overcome your data challenges in the quickest possible time with highly efficient commercial, onboarding and implementation processes.

Data and Digital Consultancy

Maximise the value of your existing subscriptions to analytics tools and other digital platforms.

Layman-Oriented Solutions

Focus on delivering concise and easy-to-understand solutions catered to technical and business users alike.

Driving Business Outcomes

Learn to make use of available data in ways that you and your stakeholders can act on to increase business performance.

Get to know us!

Let us share with you on how we can help you overcome your business challenges based on your existing resources.

Reach out to us to find out how we can help you with your data analytics requirements and/or challenges.