Tableau Data Visualisation Dashboard: 

Singapore's Tertiary Education 

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Singapore is well-known as an Education Hub, led by the nation's top 2 universities; National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). According to the 2021 QS Asian University Rankings, NUS was ranked 11th in the World and 1st in Asia , while NTU was ranked 13th in the World and 3rd in Asia (source). There are also 4 other national universities that are rapidly growing. 

The good performances by Singapore universities served as a motivation for Analytico Asia to look deeper into the Singapore Education System, using Tableau Data Visualisation. Different aspects of the tertiary education system were considered with dataset from


Analytico Asia created an interactive Tableau Dashboard with various charts. Some of our findings are shared within the embedded dashboard and here. Readers are also encouraged to explore the dashboards and even other charts on his/her own.