Data Automation - E-Commerce Dashboard for LEGO Singapore

Reduce report compilation from 2 weeks to 5 minutes

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LEGO's E-Commerce department needed to collect sales data from leading e-commerce platforms to better understand market trends and LEGO's business performance. The goal? To increase online sales volume, profits and increase its e-commerce ROI.

The team also spent extensive amount of time to manually export and compile these reports on a weekly basis and by the time the reports were created, there tended to be a lack of time to do deep dives to surface e-commerce sales optimisation recommendations.


To automate the process of monitoring the online sales performance of LEGO and its competitors on main e-commerce platforms.


An automated data service that retrieves sales performance insights including pricing, volume and customer review data from leading regional e-commerce platforms.


Data Service reduced time taken to compile LEGO's and competitors' SKU and SKU reports each month from 2 weeks to 5 minutes.