Past Work - By Industry

Our team has in-depth expertise working with companies, large and small, coming from a diverse range of industries.

Data Automation - E-Commerce Dashboard for LEGO Singapore

Sentiment Analysis - Singapore's Automotive Social Media Posts

Machine Learning - Predicting Starbucks Customers' Loyalty

Machine Learning - Forecasting Philippines' Energy Consumption

Machine Learning - Forecasting Singapore's Container Output

Machine Learning - Predicting Singapore's Housing Resale Prices

Machine Learning - Predicting Indonesia's New COVID-19 Cases

Machine Learning - Predicting Hotel Bookings Cancellation

Machine Learning - Predicting India's Diabetic Patients

Machine Learning - Thailand's Monthly Gold Forecast

Machine Learning - Prediction of Singapore's Corruption Perception

Tableau Visualisation Dashboard: Singapore's Tertiary Education

Machine Learning - Asia's Michelin Star Restaurant Prediction

Data Analysis - Vietnamese F&B Outlet Menu Recommendations

Machine Learning - Recommender System Using Spotify Dataset

Machine Learning - Singapore Unable to Board Bus Prediction

GenAI / LLM - Singapore's GeoSpatial Chatbot

Power BI Dashboard - BI Tool for SMEs in Singapore