Machine Learning - Predicting COVID-19 New Cases in Indonesia

Model Accuracy: 98%

Tags: #COVID-19 #Regression #Prediction #Health #Indonesia #DataVisualisation


From the beginning of global pandemic, COVID-19 has proven to be very unpredictable, leaving the Indonesian government to anticipate new case by closing the border and locking down their social activity. While Indonesian government had made a move to provide vaccination for their people in order to control, perhaps other new variant in the future. The new variants like Delta and Omnicron keep increasing the number of new case, this makes the economic sector in Indonesia to become dormant which may halt their economic growth.

As per 10 November 2021, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia has reported 4,249,323 persons with confirmed COVID-19. There have been 143,592 deaths related to COVID-19 reported and 4,096,194 patients have recovered from the disease. Businesses or any healthcare stakeholders needs to stay ahead of the curves and Analytico Asia can help to access the highly accurate model to predict new cases.


Analytico Asia setting up the machine learning model to make a prediction based on several variables like daily new cases, total people vaccinated and deaths. Our model calculate and compare each of the variable given in the historical dataset and give a highly accurate prediction for the new cases and managed to identify the trend due to the new COVID-19 variants. The acquired prediction may give a valuable insight so that any healthcare stakeholders, governmental ministry of health, public and private owned hospital or education sector can take hold of planning activities such as preventive actions and better manage uncertainty in advance.

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