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The Singapore Land Authority’s (SLA) OneMap mapping service is the authoritative whole-of- government platform for sharing government agencies’ geospatial data of Singapore to our citizens and businesses. The platform is a trusted source for detailed and timely geospatial information, presented in an easily digestible visual and spatial format. It can be used to obtain street-level geospatial information or narrowed down to specific queries such as land ownership, school information and demographic data at a chosen location. Currently, popular features include routing, land information and demographic data.

As part of SLA's efforts to further engage with the public and bring added value to their lives, it aims to leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT to enhance the adoption of OneMap and build upon its strengths. The focus is to deliver features that cater to the local populace's specific needs and encourage more people to use OneMap for various purposes, from daily tasks to significant life decisions.

By incorporating LLMs, OneMap can offer highly personalised information based on users’ preferences. These new solutions should empower both existing and new users with reliable, and useful map-based information that contribute towards SLA’s vision of mainstreaming geospatial services.

Problem Statement

How can SLA leverage Generative AI technologies (such as GPT/Large Language Models) to develop innovative solutions on OneMap, which will offer existing and new users greater convenience, as well as personalised and useful map-based information?

Solution (Proof-of-Concept) - View Demo

Analytico Asia built a Large Language (LLM) Model that revolutionize spatial data services through an innovative approach that combines user-friendly design, generative AI technologies, and seamless data integration. By leveraging advanced technologies and key APIs, the solution enhances the appeal of OneMap for a diverse range of users, including families, property seekers, tourists, and businesses.

Key Features and Benefits:

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In summary, the proposed solution transforms OneMap into a versatile platform catering to diverse user needs, fostering convenience, efficiency, and informed decision-making. Its user-friendly design, generative AI technologies, and robust data integration make it a pioneering solution in the realm of spatial data services.